Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Championship

So we've finally made it down to two teams, Michigan St. and UNC. Two coaches with a combined 12 Final Four appearances, Izzo - 5 and Williams - 7. Two of the most storied programs in their respective conferences meet tonight in Detriot.

Michigan St. dominated UConn enroute to a 9-point win that looked more like a 19-point win. UNC continued to shoot lights out as they were the clock that struck midnight on the Villanova Wildcats who looked satisfied to just finally make it to the Final Four for the first time since 1985.

If we look at tonight's game its easy to see why UNC has made it to this point and is really no suprise to anyone who has followed college basketball all year long. Michigan State on the other hand has been somewhat under the radar all year long mostly due to being in a conference that hasn't received the pub that the Big East or ACC have gotten all year long. Everyone was surprised that the Big Ten got 7 teams in the tournament and felt that they had an inferior schedule compared to other leagues but we see now that Michigan St. sure had the preparation to get through to the end.

Tonight's keys rise and fall on Ty Lawson and Kalin Lucas. Both of these guards have provided the offensive sparks for each team and can initiate from the top of the key and draw another man allowing for a dish close to the hoop. Lawson is surrounded by a much better cast and can push the ball unlike any other play in the NCAA. His ability to get the ball to Danny Green and Tyler Hansborough allows for UNC to be one of the most well-rounded and prolific offenses all year.

Michigan State was very physical against UConn and were able to outrebound one of the best rebounding teams all year long. The only issue is that this physical play wont hamper a UNC team who is too good all around to be hurt in a one-dimensional attack. The only way Michigan St. can stop a hot UNC team is by forcing bad shots from outside. If Michigan St can do this and out-rebound another team it will look good from a Spartan perspective.

I don't imagine seeing UNC going cold from the floor but I do think that Michigan St. can hang with them for some time. This game will just come down to the fact that UNC is too strong and too deep for Michigan State to hang with.

UNC wins 83-77.

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