Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where will the TO reality show land?

So late lastnight the Cowboys decided to cut ties with Terrell Owens. Now TO has to take his Vh1 reality show to another city and restart his life goal of slowing tearing apart each team in the NFL. 3 down, 29 to go.

So where will the quarterback-loving player land? Well the obvious answer seems to be Redskins and who would be wrong to assume that wouldn't be the place for him to go. The fact that Dan Snyder seems to love to sign the big name player and last year made an offer of TWO possible first round picks for Ocho Cinco. TO after all would be a great fit in the nations capital. The 'Skins run a west coast offense that Owens came into the league playing in. They need another threat at receiver since the three 2nd round picks they used last year combined for 1 TD. And TO would get to play two of the teams that gave up on him twice a year. Makes all the sense in the world for the 'Skins to bring in a motivated TO.

Other possible places for Owens to land.

How about the Giants. They need a big receiver with big play ability since the future of Plax is in the hands of the New York judicial system.

Ravens. They tried to trade for him the first time around and also need a receiving threat. Seems logical for Ray-Ray and TO patch up their differences and come together with a young gun at QB to get past the Steelers and into the Super Bowl.

Bucs. They had a purge on their team and had the cap space to bring in Haynesworth so why not settle for a guy like TO to work with the bazillion QBs they have. Could make logical sense to bring him in and let him stimulate the offense and allow for their inexperienced guys to get some 1 on 1 coverage.

Rams. Great running game, a quality QB, and Torry Holt asking for his release. This would be a a great fit for TO who would become the main man in St. Louis, a team in desperate need of a playmaker beyond Steven Jackson.

Of course, this is a short list of the possible teams but there are a lot of teams that wont make a play for him out of fear of him being a cancer to the locker room. Believe me though when I say that there will be a number of teams making a play for TO just on the fact that he is still one of the ten best receivers in the league. Let the saga begin.

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